Site Appraisal

Site appraisal and desk study reports with specific reference to the works associated  with past mining activity within the South Wales coalfields.


Trial Hole Investigation & Soil Porosity Tests

Trial hole site investigation and soil porosity tests with recommendations and designs for appropriate foundations, soakaways and stormwater drainage.

Stage Inspections

Stage inspections for self build clients.


Ground Investigation & Foundation Design

Ground investigation and foundation design for new self build dwellings and extensions to existing dwellings.

Design of Superstructure

Either complete buildings or specific structural elements within them i.e. beams, floors, cut roof, suspended floors etc.


Design of Timber Framed Houses

We have approximately 20 years' experience in providing structural design calculations for 1 to 3 storey self build houses.

Design of Retaining Walls

Design and detailing of retaining walls and other external structures.